PlayLotería .Online

The Problem: During the pandemic, I realized there did not exist a good online version of the mexican board game, Lotería. Google made a good attempt but too much of what makes the game fun, was done by robots.

The Big Idea: So I created my own version, with as much of the authentic chaos as the real thing, playable at

Browser Game

For the unitiated, Lotería is like bingo, but instead of random numbers, cards with different images are drawn from a deck.
One player draws the cards and the others pick a board with 16 images on it. When a card is drawn you get to place a counter, traditionally a pinto bean, if one of your spaces matches.

A desktop mockup of the game. The player has several beans placed on their board. The current card is La Rosa and there are four other people playing.

The two most important features other online versions were missing were

  • Being able to pick your own board instead of getting a random one (people are really superstisitous about which boards they use).
  • Letting a person draw the cards instead of having the computer do it (most of the fun comes from mixing up how quickly cards are drawn).
A mobile mock-up of the game. The host has just drawn La Rosa and there are several other players in their game.