Latin American Student Organization

About: The Latin American Student Organization at USC strives to advance latin culture, foster a community and develop leaders. As creative director I was responsible for developing the organization's visual identity and creating all promotional materials.

Digital Signage

Art deco poster of a woman standing on top of a mesoamerican pyramid promoting an event called "Latinxcelencia"
Poster of a dancing woman in a red dress against a green background promoting an event called "Salsa Night"

T-Shirt Design

A red rooster standing behind organge flowers and in front of a green palm tree. Wrapped around the objects are the words "Latin American Student Organization - University of South Carolina"

Social Media Flyers

A red party popper on a yellow background promoting the Last LASO meeting of the semester
A red heart shaped ballon on a blue background with the text "Fast Friends, Platonic Speed Dating"
Someone in a crowd of people raising their hand during a panel. The text reads "Mental, Physical, and Sexual Health Panel"
A sugar skull and organge flowers against a red background with the text "Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with LASO"
A figure drowning in a lake under a moon. The text reads "La Llorona, A Choose Your Own Adventure Story"
A cookie against a yellow background with between red text reading "Snack Social"
Three woman poised stoica;ly with the text "LASO Celebrates Women's History Month"
A collage made of a student, flowers, and a bridge. The text reads "Vision Board Party"
A pinata against a yellow background with the text "First Meeting of the Semester"
A calendar of events for Hispanic Heritage Month
A pinata against a light blue background with the words "Tonight! First Meeting of the Semester"
Various speech bubbles with the center bubble containing the text "Comoe Se Dice, an Arguement"