Latin American Student Organization

About: As the creative director of the Latin American Student Organization at USC I was responsible for developing the organization's visual identity and creating all promotional materials. Given our how many different nationalities made up our community, it was important to me that our look pulled from all across Latin America.

Promotional Material

Art deco poster of a woman standing on top of a mesoamerican pyramid promoting an event called "Latinxcelencia"
A vertical and horizontal version of the poster on two digital displays.
Three instagram posts in the same art deco style promoting LatinXcelencia.
Poster of a dancing woman in a red dress against a green background promoting an event called Salsa Night
The same poster but in a vertical format.

T-Shirt Design

A red rooster standing behind organge flowers and in front of a green palm tree. Wrapped around the objects are the words "Latin American Student Organization - University of South Carolina"

Instagram Graphics

A red party popper on a yellow background promoting the Last LASO meeting of the semester
A red heart shaped ballon on a blue background with the text "Fast Friends, Platonic Speed Dating"
Someone in a crowd of people raising their hand during a panel. The text reads "Mental, Physical, and Sexual Health Panel"
A sugar skull and organge flowers against a red background with the text "Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with LASO"
A figure drowning in a lake under a moon. The text reads "La Llorona, A Choose Your Own Adventure Story"
A cookie against a yellow background with between red text reading "Snack Social"
Three woman poised stoica;ly with the text "LASO Celebrates Women's History Month"
A collage made of a student, flowers, and a bridge. The text reads "Vision Board Party"
A pinata against a yellow background with the text "First Meeting of the Semester"
A calendar of events for Hispanic Heritage Month
A pinata against a light blue background with the words "Tonight! First Meeting of the Semester"
Various speech bubbles with the center bubble containing the text "Comoe Se Dice, an Arguement"