Jiffy Lube

The Problem: Car ownership is important but car care is complicated and trustworthy mechanics are hard to come by.

The Big Idea: When people move to a new city they lose whoever they did trust to service their car. Show them Jiffy mechanics go the extra mile for their drivers.

Bumble BFF

In the top cities people are moving to, Bumble profiles with personalities based on local Jiffy Lube technicians will recommend their matches places to visit and help people get settled into their new city. Like any good mechanic, they wouldn’t recommend something they wouldn’t do themself.

A screenshot of a mock Bumble profile. The profiles name is Avery.

Direct Mail

People who’ve just moved to a target city will receive a welcome package. Included is a living guide with info about local restaurants, fun destinations, and where to find essential services. As well as information on parking, street cleanings, traffic patterns, and how to update their drivers license. Along with the guide, the box will include items to help them through an anxious time:

Mobile App

Along with a visual refresh, the Jiffy Lube app will get a few new updates.

Interactive Demo
The updated appointment confirmation process.


In target cities Jiffy Lube will give pointers to newcomers through billboards. The goal is to associate Jiffy Lube with solid automotive advice. So whenever someone uses what they’ve learned from a billboard they'll remember they learned it from Jiffy Lube.

The copy reads: Welcome to Durham. Meters are free on the weekend. Happy driving. Jiffy Lube.
The copy reads: Welcome to Pittsburg. Avoid driving through North Shore on Game Days. Happy driving. Jiffy Lube.
The copy reads: Welcome to Denver. The tallest dunes in North America are an afternoon away. Happy driving. Jiffy Lube.