The Problem: Citi wants to demonstrate their commitment to driving an equitable recovery for working women following the pandemic.

The Big Idea: Have Citi connect working women and give them the tools to succeed financially, because knowledge is power and community builds confidence.

Women's Financial League

The WFL is a learning community that uses gamification to teach financial literacy. Users will join one of two teams and compete against each other to achieve weekly goals. Megan Rapinoe of the US Women's Soccer Team will serve as spokesperson for the league.

A graphic featuring two logos with a versus symbol in between them. One is of a roman style helmet glowing bright orange and the other is a of a valkyrie helmet glowing neon green. They are surrounded by swirling energy against an electric blue background.
A screenshot of an example video lesson mocked-up on a macbook. There is a sidebar outlining the different lessons and is divded into different units and inididual lessons. The video player is ready to be played, below it is a summary of the video's content. The example lesson is about credit and credit cards.

To progress through the course and earn points for their team, users have to pass quizes for each unit. Users can also earn points for reviewing old material.

A screenshot showing a quiz in progress. It has the same layout as the example lesson, except in place of a video there is a series of multiple choice questions.

The platform lets learners keep track of their progress, where they rank in the leaderboard, and how their team is faring.

A screenshot showing the dashboard of the learning platform. There is a navigation bar and three major sections. One shows the six weekly lessons, another shows a line graph tracking the users experience points over the week. The third displays a leaderboard and how the two teams are comparing to each other on three different metrics.

Along with unlocking acheivements, winners of the weekly challenges can earn swag and prizes for their team.

Three prizes that can be won. One is a teal reusable water bottle, another is an orange tank top and the third is a planner. All three branded with the leagues energy swirls and colors.

Live Events

WFL members who complete the six week course will gain access to exclusive networking events, conferences and workshops. These in-person events will take place across the country and focus on negotiating salaries, asserting boundaries in the workplace, finding mentors and other soft skills.

WFL members will also be invited to private Facebook groups where they can speak more candidly about their experiences and help others navigate their careers.

A poster featuring a women looking bravely forward. She looks confident and poweful. Energy spins around her. At the top of the post reads: The Other Side of the Coin, The WFL’s first speaker series peels back what it takes to make your own seat at the table. Listen to leading women tell their story and network with others on the rise. Followed by the dates and locations and a link to RSVP